Balanced Pond

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Video Course + eBook "Guide to Growing Aquatic Plants"

Discover how to set up your pond with the right aquatic plants to create a magnificent environment in perfect balance

In the Video Course (4 videos) and in the "Guide to Growing Aquatic Plants", you will learn:

How to achieve a pond with clean water
Without algae
Without wasting money on pumps and filters
Without using chemicals
The three essential aquatic plants you need to achieve a balanced pond (you need all three)
The plant you should absolutely avoid (even if you've heard it's beneficial)
The common (yet trivial) mistake everyone makes when they have a new pond
The six criteria for choosing the most suitable aquatic plant species (for your specific case)
Guide to Growing Aquatic Plants

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The four videos and the "Guide to Growing Aquatic Plants" are a service offered by Aquatic Plants Nursery - Balanced Pond Experts

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